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Q. what is your current lead time for a campervan conversion?

A. we are currently about 7 months out.


q. how much does your typical campervan build cost?

a. we aim to work within our clients budget, which offers some challenges, but with our many options our prices range from $30k to $175k for a full campervan build (not including the van).

q. how long does your typical campervan build take? 

A. Depending on the scope of the build, our builds will take anywhere between 2-5 months from start to finish. 

Q. Where is topo rigs located?

A. We are located 20 minutes south of Durango, colorado. our small 4,000 sq. ft. shop is just 2 miles north of the new Mexico stateline on highway 550. 

q. Does topo rigs provide the van, or does the client? 

A. primarily our clients provide the van, but we will assist in the process as much as needed. It is common for our clients to order the van through a dealership, and have the van shipped directly to our shop. We are available through the whole process to answer any questions, and to give all the advice we can.




q. What types of vans does topo rigs build out? 

a. We have been known to work on a variety of vehicles, even land cruisers, but for the time being we are busy building out ford transit, and Mercedes sprinter vans.   


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