Dodge Ram Promaster Campervan Build-out.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

With our first Promaster campervan wrapped up, we are stoked to have moved on to building out a few more. With this initial Promaster build we were able to slow down and get more comfortable with this new chassis. Our concept was to build as many templates as possible to make future builds faster and better. This has proven to be very beneficial as our second Promaster build went much quicker. We are loving this unique cargo van.

The Promaster has a slightly wider cargo area than other cargo vans, which makes it a perfect rig for a cross-length bed. In our first build we installed a convertible bed system consisting of two bench seats with removable back rests. One of the back rests can easily be placed in the center of the two bench seats to make a 67" x 77" bed (huge!). The second back rest can be placed on the floor for another sleeping option.

In our second Promaster build we utilized the wide cargo area and built a platform bed with a powder coated steel frame made by our in-house fabricator. We were able to achieve a length of 74.5" on this bed which is positioned widthwise in the back of the van.

Which bed would you prefer?

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